colore table lamp fluorescent green

colore table lamp fluorescent green

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colore table lamp

A playful pop-of-color is exactly what any room needs. And that’s what makes the Colore Table Lamp so special. It takes your imagination to places it never thought possible. This fantasy-evoking lamp is made of a non-toxic silicone rubber that has thermal stability and low chemical reactivity. It’ll wish you sweet dreams as it dims for 20 minutes until completely dark. There are 6 fun colors to choose from that’ll brighten up your mood even on the gloomiest days.


Body: Silicobe
Shade: Silicone
Colors available : Blue, Fluorescent Green, Fluorscent Pink, Orange, Purple, White
lighting: incandescent lamps (60w max.)


colore table lamp dimensions

Overall Height: 16.5".
Overall Diameter: 8.5"
Shade Diameter: 8.5"

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